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Thanks to its design it is excellent to use with barber, hairdresser and dentist chairs as well as at hair washing stations.

We recommend it to everyone who cares about their health and does strenuous standing work all day.

Its main features are easy and fast installation and a maintenance-free and resistant design.

Health - Confort


Floating Feet?

A brilliant innovation for whom their health matters the most in the long term. For details and product presentation click the link below.

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Reviews about the Floating Feet

Barber Shop Nyíregyháza

Thank your for the opportunity to try the Floating Feet. The great comfort provided by the product is really important for the barbers because they can spend 20% more time on the job which results in more revenue.
Tibor ● Owner

D-center hair saloon

I felt the beneficial effect of the Floating Feet already after two weeks. Since I use it, I don't have to get my feet massaged less often.
Ildikó ● Owner

Evelin beauty saloon

I saw the Flaoting Feet at Gellei salon and it immediately caught my attention. Since then, I've gotten one too, it is very good, I finally don't have to pay attention to the clock to check when I can finally sit down.
Tímea ● Hairdresser

Gellei Barber Shop

Many thanks to the Floating Feet team for being the first salon to be visited and the product presented. With its use, our standing ability developed rapidly, we felt much better within a few weeks and withstood the daily work better. (Bp. 1024. Margit krt. 51-53.)
Dávid ● Owner

Vincze hair saloon

I got a piece of the prototype a year ago because my back hurt a lot. I've been thinking about quitting this whole beauty industry at the age of 24. Then this miracle came and my life changed. I'm expecting a baby now and I'm still working, thanks to the Floating feet.
Bernadett ● Hairdresser

Szépészet saloon

Thank you very much, Talpalavaló. We have been using the product for two days, it is very super to work on it. It's like walking in the skies. (6500. Baja, Tóth Kálmán tér 3.)
Brigitta ● Owner